When Tips Aren’t Cutting It, How Do You Pay Your IRS Debt?

Order Up! The IRS can serve up a large side of Tax Debt if you let them. Times are tough, but your taxes are still due every year. And if you tell an IRS Hitman you don’t have the money to pay, he’s just going to shrug it off. How can you pay your IRS debt when the money just isn’t there?

Let Them Know: The first thing the IRS will want to know is how you can pay your debt. If you can’t pay your debt in full, the IRS will want to know when you will. But what if paying the IRS would mean you can’t pay your rent or even buy groceries?

Prove Hardship: If paying the IRS would create an economic hardship, collections activity can be suspended. You have to prove that paying the IRS would make you go without your basic needs. Basic needs are not generous. They include housing, food, clothing, transportation, and medical expenses. That’s all. So if you have any excess money after your basic needs are paid for, you cannot qualify for a hardship plan.

Application: You can not apply without the IRS knowing all the details about your finances. Let them know it all by filling out Form 433A. But be careful! You need to be completely honest about everything you write. Even if you make a simple error, the IRS might see it as fraud. If you’re not sure about what you should put on the form, consider getting professional help.

Final Tip: Statistics show the majority of servers are single moms. If paying the IRS will make your children go without any basic needs, collection efforts have to be stopped. Do not let the IRS bully you and your family. Fight Back!

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