Are Free Government Grants Really Free?

I had heard about free government grants a couple of months ago, but the first query which came to my mind was are they really free? I mean it is as good as government giving free money which is never to be repaid. I contacted a couple of my friends about government grants and they had no clue either about how avail them or did they actually work? Finally I thought of finding it out myself and turned to the internet. Soon I found out that these are real?

But, Are they Free?

Yes the truth is they are free, I am saying this from experience because I have already received 2 grants under different categories. The only cost is if you are hiring a professional grant writer, but I wouldn’t recommend you hiring one because these do not assist you in any way. They just make tall claims. If you want some help such as getting list of various grant sources, reasons for which you can get grants, instructions on how to fill grant application etc then I would advise getting an online grant kit. These are very cheap as compared to hiring professional grant writers and also provide the most up to date information. Also these save you a lot of time as they provide you with all the information in one place. If you are searching for information on yourself be prepared to waste hours and probably days of your time.

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